Six Figures And Beyond:

How to Skyrocket Your Non-profit Fundraising Using the MIDBI Calendar

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To say that times are challenging now for everyone, is an understatement -- especially for non-profit organizations that rely upon the generosity of others to live out their mission and make a positive impact in the world around them. It's critical that non-profit leaders are equipped with the strategies and tools they need to fundraise effectively.

At Cathedral Consulting, our mission is to connect leaders like you with the ideas, people and resources you need to grow your organization. That's why we've brought you, Anthony Baugher, a seasoned non-profit leader who for over a decade has raised millions of dollars for non-profits like yours.

In this webinar we'll cover:

​​​​​​​Dialing in the timing of the ask. 

Should you be asking for donations in time of crisis? And how?

Tailoring your approach.

What are the differences between major and individual donors? You'll learn about the Gratitude Cycle and the best approaches for each.

Planning that produces.

How do you put together a fundraising plan and calendar that generates contributions? We've got you covered with the MIDBI Calendar™ approach!

Aaron Larsen (Host)

Director of Non-profits & Ministries | Cathedral Consulting

Anthony Baugher (Guest Expert)

Director of Non-profits & Ministries | Cathedral Consulting